Sunday, 5 November 2017

CB radio - It's time to make the original social network popular again.

CB radio, why we should be promoting the hell out of it and here's my tuppence worth.

Ramblings from a boring night shift.
Reasons why I believe CB radio is a great way of communication.

  1. You will be able to use it during a disaster when the mobile phone network and power grids are down. This is the biggy for me, a simple cheap cb station can save your life.
  2. You can keep in touch with your friends without a monthly bill. 
  3. You will find new friends and contacts both locally & internationally.
  4. You will actually be communicating verbally with other human beings, too many youngsters are addicted to their pals in their pocket, their whole life is ran via the internet. Everyone knows where you are, what you're eating and too much of your business and mostly it's people you don't know and wouldn't want to know either. The next time you're out for a meal, at the movies or in the shopping mall look at people, they hardly communicate with each other anymore but they ''Like'' their mate's status of ''checking in'' to the same place they're at.. It's mental!
  5. You'll learn about electronics, weather conditions, signal propagation, basic health & safety, you'll take an interest in the space, the sun, aurora and so on.
  6. It's fun! You still need to be sensible and don't be a bad operator. If you treat the radio right & other users around you the you will have fun for years.
  7. There's no licence to apply for.

It doesn't cost that much either. The radio shown here is a CRT One, a new multi standard cb that has AM/FM on the UK and EU bands and costs around £45.00 I own one of these and they are superb. I use mine with my solar go-bag when operating from a hilltop to work DX due to it's size being very small and compact but still outputs 4 watts like other larger radios.
You'll also need an antenna and there's many to choose from but were trying to convince you to get on the cb so we'll keep the costs down.
For £22.99 you can get a springer mobile antenna and magnetic base from Thunderpole's ebay store here  So for a total cost under £70 you can be on air (cheaper if you buy a used radio) and potentially talking to the world. PS I'm not affiliated with any radio outlet, just a guy and his opinion.

It struck a chord with me this weekend, at a meet & convoy to mark 36th year of legalisation of CB in the UK all the folk that turned up were all in their 40's with the exception of one 30+ year old. All guys from way back when it was popular and no younger operators. Is the hobby going to die out when our age group goes? or are we going to promote it? How are we going to promote it?


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