Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Friday 13th April log - Clyde valley net

''Over the past few weeks the Friday night net has been growing and last nights was a corker with stations all over the Glasgow, Ayrshire, Clyde coast as well as stations from Northern Ireland, Eire and a couple of stations in Stranrear. 

A big hand goes to Stu 108CT1642 for getting this net up and running and as word spreads we get more names in the log every week.

There's also another net on the same night the North/North East Scotland net and as our net died down for the night I managed to have a good qso with a couple of the stations up there - Scott 108CT197 and Ean Not bad for a 218 mile trip. 

Clyde Valley Friday night net 27.405usb 1900 - 2100 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/clydevalley/

North/North East cb net - https://www.facebook.com/groups/122273285264583/?ref=group_header

Midweek net on ukfm ch14 on a Wed evening anytime from 1800ish onwards also on Sundays.''
By Simon 108CT115

108FB019, Paul Mac Partick
108CT1967, Simon, Kilwinning, set up on Brown Carrick a few miles south of Ayr.
108TM005, Gary Mobile Glasgow
108TM1313, John - Mauchline
68DT749, Ralf - N.I
108DT048, John 
108LR002, Colin - Darnley
108DA079, Mark - Stranraer 
108DA147, Kenny - Stranraer 
68DR109, Bob - South of Belfast
108DT158, Jack - Dalmellington 
108LR083, Will - Saltcoats
108WR01, Eddie - Glasgow
108AW062, Anton - Carluke
108CB17, Scott 
108LR002, Ian, Penilee
108LR150, Mick - Penilee?
29LR001, Pat Mc Conville - Eire 
68DA011, John

19 brave souls disregarded Friday the 13th hoodoo this week and made it onto the log book which is brilliant! Same time next week folks.

Monday, 2 April 2018

CB Radio Scottish net becoming popular

The Clyde valley Friday night net was established in mid January 2018 and is quickly becoming the place to be on a Friday night in the West of Scotland. With poor DX conditions thus far we've had a station as far as the isle of Jura calling in & even Roy from Corsica trying, thanks guys! We're certainly looking forward to the good season E layer skip.
You'll find the net running every Friday eve from 7-9pm UTC+1 on channel 40 Mid band (27.405 MHz USB)

Below you'll find a video of Friday 30th March which is un-edited & went out live on Facebook, hence the portrait format in order to read & reply to messages as they came in.

CVFNN 30th March 2018

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Clyde Valley net 23rd Feb 2018

Just a reminder that the net will be on tonight from 7-9pm on 27.405 USB. This will be net number 4 and it's been great so far, hope to get you in the log.

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Clyde Valley Friday night net

Thanks to the stations who called into tonight's net, the newest net in Scotland. We use 27.405usb and kick off at 7pm. I'm looking forward to it getting popular, especially during the sporadic season.
We look forward to getting new call signs in the log.
The next net will be 16th February.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

27 MHz Gateway

In addition to my PMR 446 gateway I have added another one on the CB band using channel 1 on the mid band (26.965).
This weekend I intend to link it up through Zello too so watch this space.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Lyrics HD

Happy new year to all the viewers here, I hope 2018 brings you luck and happiness.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

PMR Gateway back online

After a period of just over 2 years I have decided to put my PMR 446 gateway back on air. Since I took if off line I've had an Echolink node (which I still enjoy echolink very much) and for the past year hosted a Yaesu Wires-X C4FM digital gateway ''MB6PG'' both on the 2 metre band of which were great fun and many local hams enjoyed using it. But now, as I'm ''only'' licensed at an intermediate amateur radio level I'm suddenly not trusted with an N.O.V (notice of variation) and now need to be a full license holder to have this privilege.. After spending nigh on £800 in the process hosting the C4FM node BTW.
I enjoy ham radio very much and have met some great people, both on & off air but now my level has suddenly been discriminated against because I don't have a full license (to the detriment of my local community of 10 miles radius) and not allowed to renew my node/gateway when the current one runs out.
So I've decided to dig out the old interface and hook it up to FRN (free radio network) where I'll be RXing on the frequency 446.18125 (6.25 step) with a tcts tone of 103.5 when the new legal PMR frequencies come into effect from 1st Jan 2018. I've had a quick check on the legal PMR frequencies yesterday on FRN and it worked a treat!
So it's quite a sour end to my N.O.V experience which I enjoyed very much, but I can still use echolink from the pc or phone. Watch this space too as I plan to run a gateway on a CB frequency come the new year too by joining up with the guys at the Bristol CB Zello group.

Have a happy Xmas & new year folks and I'll update you very soon.