Monday, 1 July 2019

30th June 2019 CB skip video

Sunday 30th June was a great afternoon of short skip on the UK CB band. I heard the conditions changing from 1pm so I fired up the old 80's Uniden homebase radio. As you'll hear from the video I had a great 30 minutes worth of contacts.
By all accounts and going by the cluster, many USA stations were heard on the mid band. Channel 6 AM (the superbowl) and channel 38 LSB were both very active early evening today 1st July.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

5th year anniversary of AM SSB in UK

Today marks the 5 years anniversary of legal AM & SSB in the UK. There's going to be many stations on the air calling out to make contacts. Here's hoping the conditions are good for it.
See the image below for frequencies to monitor.

I hope to make as many contacts as possible.

I'll be using Clyde Valley DX group special event club callsign 108CV000 with QSL cards being available at the usual contribution.

Delboy's Radio Blog

Thursday, 13 June 2019

14.06.19 is CVFNN again

It's Friday again! That means the Clyde valley Friday night net returns from 8-9 pm on 27.405 USB then switches to AM from 9pm till time's up.

There's been good conditions this week so here's hoping we get many stations in the log.

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The Facebook event page is here.

AM dx 13th June 2019

Today I thought I'd set up a recently purchased Cobra 19x AM only radio for my first play with it. I'm glad I did as soon as I turned it on there was a voice on channel 31. I managed the qso with ''Coca-Cola'' mobile in Germany.
The little radio is only pushing 1 watt max so I needed help from the RM-KL203 amplifier which upped the output power to a whopping 5 watts. I'll need to adjust it if I plan to use it on a more regular basis. As you will hear on the video below it still sounds sweet.

If you hear me calling CQ on the mid band AM gimme a holler back, I'd love to work you.

73 for now

108 CV001
Clyde Valley.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

9th June UK skip booming

I had many contacts today on FM working between the mid band & UK fm band. Link to the video below.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

President McKinley pre-order now

On the Knights website you can pre-order the new McKinley for delivery next month. There is some sand in the ointment though, the price of £279.00 which has many potential buyer boaking into their microphones.
For the same price you can buy a very reasonable HF set like the Yaesu ft817nd for instance, a brilliant QRP all mode all band shack in the box.
What do you think of the price of the McKinley? Will you be buying it anyway as it's the only legal SSB CB produced since the Grant 2. It has one plus sign for me though, it's been produced by Uniden in a Uniden factory and I have no doubts will be good quality, going by the FCC models reviewed on YouTube anyway.

I've been harking on for a new legal SSB radio for a few years now but I think I'll wait this one out until the price gets dropped a few quid.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

New President McKinley review by M0OGY

A great review of the new ssb radio that's due in stock very soon in the UK.

Link here